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City Visitors Promotional Capital Construction Fund
House Bill No 1167, Section 2, Amendment 40-57.3-02
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1st Quarter - March
Deadline: February 20th
2nd Quarter - June
Deadline: May 20th
3rd Quarter - September
Deadline: August 20th
4th Quarter - December
Deadline: November 20th


The applicant must be an organization that is promoting an event, purchasing, improving, constructing, maintaining, repairing of buildings or property, consistent with visitor attraction or promotion.

Organizations must fill out the application for the 1% Grants. The CVB board is the governing body of the 1% monies and will review all applications for approval. The funds will only be disbursed with proof of expenditures. The budget is divided into yearly quarters. The deadline for submitting an application is the 20th of the prior month.

Grant applicants are welcome and encouraged to attend the CVB board meeting when grant awards are determined. If you would like to attend a grant determination meeting, to share additional information and answer questions about your application, please call the CVB office (701) 776-5846 and ask to be added to the agenda.


Applicants will be notified of the actions taken after grant applications have been reviewed. A representative from the applicant may be asked to present the application to the CVB Board. Proof of expenditures must be submitted to the CVB within 120 days of the date that the grant was approved, or the applicant will forfeit the funds. The funds will then be redistributed in the form of grants.


Grant applicants that have been approved for a grant must submit receipts for that project before additional grant applications will be accepted. Grant funds should not be tied up while waiting for receipts when others have an immediate need for the grant money. The CVB Board will reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy if special circumstances arise.
Please email applications to rugbychamber@gondtc.com or mail them to:
Rugby Convention & Visitors Bureau
1% Grant Application
102B Hwy 2 SE
Rugby, ND 58368
1 % Grant
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